Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last spring (09) Dennis and I put a new flowerbed in along the side of the house.  I put a few iris's in there that my friend Stephanie gave me.  I had some extra space and so I decided to plant some vegetables.  My yard is very shady, and this side of the house does get some sun.  Most of my veggies didn't fare well.  They grew, but very slowly.  I was harvesting zucchini in September and green peppers in November.  What did do well were the tomatoes.  So well that they self seeded themselves throughout the flowerbed.  I pulled all but 3 or 4 plants.  They have grown all summer, they are about 4 feet tall and growing strong.  I went out the other morning to pick the ripe maters.  Here are some photos just before I picked.

And look who I found on the front porch step.
A little yellow fellow with black spiky hairs.
He is from the American Dagger Moth family.
This is what he looks like today.......

And should he not become lunch anytime soon, he will cocoon and emerge as this rather boring looking fellow.  I will probably see his hanging out at the nearest light bulb.

Have a great day!


duchess said...

The tomatoes are pretty - the bug/moth thing not so much.

sufolks said...

I've seen that caterpiller before, but I didn't know what it was. Thanks for showing the adult. And thanks for visiting my blog today. Suzanne