Monday, June 21, 2010

NRA Youth Day

The boys had a chance to participate in the NRA Youth Day at the local shooting range.  This was right down Logan's alley, he is an avid shooter and regularly sets up his own range out in the back yard.
The day was divided into 4 stations; 2 riffle and 2 pistol ranges.  They shot clay targets and paper targets, had instructors to teach gun safety and proper technique and were served lunch.   Dennis went with them and sent me some photos from his cell phone.

The had a great day and turned out to be pretty good marksmen!


duchess said...

Sounds like fun. I know another boy who would have enjoyed that as well.

Tracee said...

Uncle Chefy says..."Good to teach the kids marksmanship when they are young, and that guns are not to be feared but respected." He also commented on what good shots both Logan and Zay are :o)