Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Allergies?

Itchy, scratchy throat. Runny nose. Drainage. Sneezing. Itchy Eyes. Sound familiar?
You might have spring allergies. I know I do right now.
I went out into the yard today and was taking some random photographs. I love the Red Maple in the front yard when it is budding out. I grabbed a quick shot of a branch. When I pulled it into photoshop I did some zooming. What did I see? Pollen! The trigger of everyones' spring suffering.

When we lived in NC, we could see yellow pollen everywhere. It covered everything. It laid in a thick sheet on top of the car, the law furniture, the pool water, etc. Here in Indiana, we have it, but it doesn't show itself as much. Unless you look close. Take a look.

Zoomed out
Zoomed out fully
How about you? Do you have spring allergies? It just might be the pollen!


duchess said...

We've all been doing lots of coughing lately & this morning I think I sneezed 12 times in a row. Tis the season - but I love it.

Katie said...

I only have fall allergies. but those are some nice macro shots!