Friday, November 20, 2009

Spell Bowl

What a great evening we had with Isaiah. As I posted in this blog post, Isaiah tried out for the spell bowl team and made it. The competition was last night. Our school did not place in the top 3 spots in our division, but we were very proud of them and especially of Isaiah. The way Spell Bowl works, is each child on the team gets a turn to sit on stage. They are given 7 words to spell. Their proctor checks each word and the child raises his hand when they spell the word correct. Each correct word is worth a point for the team. Isaiah spelled 4 out of his 7 words correct, earning 4 points for his team. Here are a few photos of the evening.

The back of Isaiah's team shirt.

Studying in the lobby before the competition.

Our school is Sharon Elementary School

Isaiah's turn on stage. He's looking over his shoulder either at us or the team.
Raising his hand with a correct spelling. Good job!Competition over, and a big smile! We're so proud of you Isaiah!!


Lori said...

Great job! Some of the words surprised me...hide-in-seek, stiletto heels, gnat. Just to name a few. Very interesting to say the least. What a great accomplishment. Does your school participate in the Math Bowl competitions?

duchess said...

Way to go Isaiah! Good job.

Katie said...

awesome isaiah!

Jodie said...

Lori, not sure about math bowl. Isaiah's first word was stiletto heels and he got it right!