Friday, May 8, 2009

Heirloom Iris

So yesterday my good friend Stephanie took me to her Grandmother's farm in Kentucky. Grandmother loves gardening and flowers. She's in a nursing home now and told Stephanie to go and get what flowers are left on her property. The only thing we found were a few rose bushes, some lemon balm and irises. I took a few photos before we got all muddy digging the heirloom irises from the fertile farm ground.
.The view from the farmhouse; Spectacular!

Grandpa's old tractor hidden in the barn

Stephanie and I split the irises between us, these are my bunch.
This is the side of my house. The white line is about where I'm going to be building my new flower bed. I'll try and get pictures of that when we do. I hope the rain holds off enough this weekend so we can get the work done!

Thanks again Stephanie!


duchess said...

We had some flowers from Rob's grandmother's house in our yard in Wilson, NC but sadly, we forgot to take them with us.

I love passing things like that down. Hope you get to plant this weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

Stephanie said...

Your welcome.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.. Mine are planted and all laying flat from the heavy rains!!! Good luck getting yours planted in between rains..