Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Memories

We've been very busy around here. The boys are keeping me on my toes, and I'm beginning to appreciate all the Mom's Taxi bumper stickers that you used to see! Spring is here in full bloom. I'm enjoying the flowers and trees that are bursting full of color. And there is something else emerging from the ground in our backyard, I'll share some pictures in another post. I downloaded my memory card this morning and have lots and lots of pictures to share with you, I'll start with Easter and go backwards.

Someone please take my son to get a haircut!

My niece Autumn playing with Isaiah

Isaiah reading to Christopher
After dinner Dad and Evan did the dishes! A Kodak moment!
The Easter Egg Hunt begins

I love this picture even though it's totally out of focus. Christopher was running full speed ahead to show me his easter egg find.
Somebody is getting sleepy
Mom's Fantastic Dessert
Strawberries, pound cake, cheesecake and chocolate! mmm

My brother Matt and his wife Kathy
My sister Tracee with the new puppy JB
Watch out Matt!!
My Grandma and Grandpa
Believe it or not, my beautiful 85 1/2 year old (sorry for telling your age g-ma)
just had major breast cancer surgery 4 days prior to this picture. Doesn't she look fantastic!
I thank God for all of the friends and family that sent prayers up to cover Grandma during this time. She is truly blessed and a testimony to God's power!
Matt, Mom and Grandma

My sister Tracee and her hubby Matt
Dad and Mom
I told you I had a lot of pictures! Thanks for visiting today.
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duchess said...

Great times with family. Nice pictures. The little ones are getting big & I'm thankful G'ma is doing well.
When you look at your Widget - I'm the one from Asheville. Don't know why. I've tried to change it but it's not working - weird.

Lori said...

Morgan and Jonathan have the same Easter "bucket" as Logan. Pretty cool. Your family looks wonderful. Are your grandparents still residing in Pfield?

Stephanie said...

Is that the foster puppy?

IF you take your kid for a haircut I have one that needs one too!

Katie said...

love these!