Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who's the New Teen on the Scene?

It's LOGAN! He celebrated his 13th birthday with a bonfire and lots of friends. I took a few pics of him opening gifts (first thing in the morning, of course) and then when the party started I gave my little point and shoot camera to the party goers and told them to capture the event for me. (partly because it was super cold outside and partly because teenager's don't want their camera geek mom hovering around the party.) Also, I would like to give a shout out to Katie J who reminded me to post these pictures. Thanks!! Now onto the fun stuff.....

Money and a Corvette from Grandma (matchbox of course)
Body wash kit from mom and dad, because we know how bad teen age boys can smell

More money, this time from Great Grandparents

A handmade birthday wish from our dear friend Karrie Laskay

More money, are you sensing a theme here?

Now, onto the party.....remember, the kids took these pics. They crack me up.

Love the cupcake frosting on his face, don't you?

No party is complete without some teen aged trampoline wrestling now is it?
I think we should have swept the leaves off of the trampoline first!

There's the back of the house where all the food and hot chocolate were.

No shoes on the trampoline! Good job guys!

My kid and the neighbor kid, look like deer caught in the headlights. hehe

One of my evening photographers. Thanks H!

Looking a little cold there J!
Ahhh, there's the bonfire.
Warming up before facing the cold night air.
Happy Birthday Logan!!


duchess said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday Logan!
We miss seeing your smiling face (and corny jokes);)

Katie said...

oh yay little logan!

Susie said...

Hi Joedie,
you take amazing pics! It's small world..curious how you happened across my blog..but looks like we have some of the same hobbies? I actually have a friend who goes to church in newburg and lives in evansville. Just thought i'd swing by your blog and say hi too! By the way You deserve a medal of honor raising 3 boys! I have whole new respect of mothers raising boys now having a boy after 2 girls! ha ha.